Derek has an extensive history of delivering valuable products to a broad range of companies across the globe. He is an expert in lean, agile product development & delivery with a love of visual communication & facilitation. The top 3 favourite products he managed prior to founding Septa include...

International Airline Mobile App - where he led the growth of the team from 16 to 60 engineers, overseeing 6 different technology vendors to help double their revenue during his leadership.

Australia's largest Bank - where he led a design thinking discovery product validation based in the Innovation lab to assess the viability, feasibility & desirability of a transformational payment product. The result was approval for a multi million dollar software budget after delivery of a prototype to prove the concept of virtual accounts.

Objective information management - for browser which increased web & mobile based adoption of an enterprise information management system. This solution was delivered to tens of thousands of users worldwide including all Australian department of Defence staff.



Liz has a broad range of creative expertise under her belt for significant Australian brands. She has a curious mind which works tirelessly to understand human motivation & behaviour. Beginning her career with a degree in Art Theory she designed physical customer experiences (Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Jewish and holocaust Museum) & moved to  the retail space designing for iconic brans (Ralph Lauren, David Jones, Dion Lee) to engage & delight customers. She has designed interactive technology that users could share across social media channels.

After racking up a degree in Psychology (her second) & achieving the dean's list, honours & a scholarship she now combines both passions through user experience. Some campaigns of note are...

Planet Ark National Tree Day - Liz was particularly proud of her UX design leadership in this project which has had a significant impact on engagement.

David Jones Denim photo booth - A video booth with image overlay technology that users stepped inside in order to have differing style of denim superimposed onto their body for 360 review. This eliminated the need to try on items, sped process exponentially and allowed users to share online for external review.

David Jones Fragrance wheel - After extensive customer research, concept review & stretching her design thinking skills to the limit Liz delivered a one off special event that mixed digital, visual and nasal senses together into one stimulating experience.


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